Full Fiscal Autonomy, a laywoman’s view

My Journey to Independence


There has been much discussion in the mainstream media (and social media) about Full Fiscal Autonomy (FFA) for Scotland. I will make clear from the start this is not another blog to debate how rich or poor Scotland would be if the Scottish government had full control over all its financial revenue. But in the countless articles I have read about FFA, no one has ever pointed out (including the Scottish government) that we here in Scotland actually have no idea how much revenue we actually generate. You see it’s all done as an estimate, based on Scotland’s percentage of the UK tax revenue. And lest you think I am fabricating this fact, here it is. It’s not a long document, but the highlight is on page 4.

While actual Scottish tax revenue data are available for taxes such as council tax and non- domestic rates, they are often not…

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