DWP blames cancer patient for her illness

(not satire – it’s the UK today!) This letter from the Department for Work and Pensions was posted by Chris Nelson on Facebook (click to enlarge): According to this letter, the DWP is c…

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Smelling Project Feart

Scotland can should and must.


The fair city of Dundee during the referendum to decide whether Scotland should once again become an independent nation voted 57% in favour of such a move, the highest percentage of the whole country in favour of self-determination for Scotland.

This however was not reflected in any shape or form by the views of the audience during the British state broadcaster’s programme Question Time of 10 March 2016 from that city. Why is that?

The mainstream media in Scotland, both television news and newspapers, frothed into an almost pre-orgasmic stupor of glee about a set of financial statistics which show that a foreign trade dispute, out-with anyone’s control other than the two protagonists involved, has caused a slump in tax revenues from one of Scotland’s natural resources which it shares with the rest of the UK (to the tune of 323 billion pounds) creating a negative impact on finances for…

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Full Fiscal Autonomy, a laywoman’s view

My Journey to Independence


There has been much discussion in the mainstream media (and social media) about Full Fiscal Autonomy (FFA) for Scotland. I will make clear from the start this is not another blog to debate how rich or poor Scotland would be if the Scottish government had full control over all its financial revenue. But in the countless articles I have read about FFA, no one has ever pointed out (including the Scottish government) that we here in Scotland actually have no idea how much revenue we actually generate. You see it’s all done as an estimate, based on Scotland’s percentage of the UK tax revenue. And lest you think I am fabricating this fact, here it is. It’s not a long document, but the highlight is on page 4.

While actual Scottish tax revenue data are available for taxes such as council tax and non- domestic rates, they are often not…

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Votes haven’t been counted yet, but Labour is already in mourning.

Iain Macwhirter

Spare a thought this weekend for the Labour MP for Glasgow North East, Willie Bain. Opinion polls had suggested that he might be the only Labour MP left in Scotland. It could have made him a shoe-in for Scottish Secretary.

Then on Wednesday, disaster struck. A poll from Ipsos Mori suggested that the SNP would take every seat in Scotland. Poor Willie Bain’s brilliant career was cut tragically short.

Of course, no one believes these polls. I can’t see the SNP winning every seat in Scotland. Even after landslides on Everest some people are left standing and I fully expect that on Friday morning there will still be a number of Labour MPs boasting that they survived the Nat-quake.

But no one can be in any doubt that a fundamental change has taken place in the fabric of Scottish politics. It seems almost unbelievable that only five years ago, Labour…

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